Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

February 15, 2011

Not so much an extreme makeover, more like a reorganization of the by-laws.

The initial intent of my cyber home was to have a place to publish dissections of articles pertaining to the world of journalism/media as well as a place to kvetch about editorial pet peeves. But…I’ve realized I need to expand my boundaries. Yes, this breaks the first rule of “serious blogging”, finding your niche and excelling in it. But let’s be honest, my readers (hi mom!) aren’t going to remove me from their Google Readers if I throw in a post or two about a “stuff of legends” shoe sale or a Suburbanite’s wistful dreams of city living. Besides, my mom doesn’t have Google Reader, so my follower count can really drop too far!

So the name stays the same, and I will still be the Buffalo Editor, you’ll just get a little sample of some of my non-media interests as well.


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