Is Customer Service Dead?

February 16, 2011

I’m a fanatical shopper – an online shopper, a brick and mortar shopper, a sale shopper, a full price shopper – if you’re selling, I’ll browse your wares. Within the past year I discovered the wonderful and addicting world of the online sample sale. While there are literally hundreds of these sites, allow me to save you some time and a cluttered inbox. Skip all other sites and go directly to Gilt Groupe.

Here’s why

Plenty by Tracy ReeseI purchased this gorgeous Plenty by Tracy Reese coat from a Gilt sale. List price was over $350, Gilt price (with some credits) was $123. The price alone should be enough to get you to gallop over to Gilt, but it get’s better.

The coat arrived in all it’s glory and I wore it for a week or so without incident. About 5 days later, I went to button my coat and the unthinkable happened…a button came off. Maybe it’s a curse, from Target to Kors, coat buttons never seem to stay on, but I was really bummed. Complicating the matter, the coat is beautifully lined, rendering an at home fix next to impossible.

Through teary eyes I sent a tweet to the folks at Gilt Customer Support. What, if anything, could they do? Within an hour I had an email from Gilt, apologizing for the faulty fastener and offering a full refund (including shipping). The offer was fantastic, the apology sincere, and most importantly, the response was timely. Only problem? I really loved my coat and didn’t want to give it up. I figured it was a long shot but I responded to Liz, my Gilt customer service rep, and asked if perhaps instead of returning the coat, Gilt would reimburse me for the cost of the repair. Again, within an hour (I just re-checked the time stamps) I had a response. No problem, they’d be happy to reimburse me the tailor fees.

I was stunned.

So I took my coat to my local tailor where the grand total came to $4.00.  I won’t be sending Gilt a bill but I am thrilled to say they have a very loyal customer for life.

Thank you again to the Gilt Customer Service Team. Liz, Caitlin, Rodney, and Katie, you guys rock!

Update: I sent a quick thank you to Gilt, they responded (3 minutes this time) again apologizing and, for my trouble, offered free shipping on my next purchase. I can’t say it enough, Gilt Groupe customer service is spot on and a shining example for all other e-tailers.

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