A (Clothes) Horse of a Different Color

March 23, 2012

Flashback: I’m meeting a event planner at a cute hotel downtown, she walks down the trendy suspended staircase, I do the normal outfit appraisal and…OMG she’s wearing the top I almost wore today!

Such horrors have been happening more often, probably because I’m stuck in super boring shopping rut. I shop at the mall, I hit Banana, Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, J Crew, so on and so forth. I leave looking like every other 20-something preppy working gal in Buffalo.

So when a friend of mine asked me to check out the latest venture he’d been helping out on…AN ONLINE CLOTHING STORE…I was only too happy to oblige. Sandro is the fun little NYC boutique you dream of, except you don’t have to shlep into the city to shop there. And really, their motto says it all: at Sandro we believe that fashion should be obtainable yet stylish as well as effortlessly modern. That’s my fashion motto!

So like any good editor I checked out the site and simply fell in love. Crisp, clean layout, and LOTS of white space. There is an adorable blog that actually shows girls how to wear the clothes out in “the wild” my personal favorite post explains how to wear one top two ways.  What clothing company is going to show you how to stretch your dollar further?!

There are a few changes I suggested, but it’s a new site, I wouldn’t expect them to have every last kink worked out. I’d love to see humans in all of the clothing instead of mannequins. But we all know those skinny bitches aren’t cheap (said with love!) so it’s something they’ll work on. Also, in speaking with the writer of the site, they seem to currently be lacking a consistent “voice”. I’m probably the only crazy editor who notices this but we’ve been exchanging emails and she’s been SO open and receptive to  suggestions, I have no doubt things will be amazing in no time.

NOW the good stuff. I ordered a gorgeous patch pocket skirt in surf (gorgeous Mediterranean blue). These patch pockets are *everywhere* from Marc Jacobs to Victoria Beckham.  I’m always a little nervous about buying things online the first time. Size always makes me nervous but quality is always a big x factor, too. Needless to say I shouldn’t have worried about either. The skirt fits beautifully and the quality of the fabric and stitching is gorgeous.

I paired the skirt with black tights, a simple black long sleeve tissue tee by H&M and my latest obsession in shoes Sam Edelman Portney pumps in calf hair leopard print (yes, I. Die.)

But wait, there’s more. Remember way back when before Gilt Groupe blew up and got too big to care about its packaging? Let us all hold hands and pray to whichever goddess there is for this sort of thing that Sandro never EVER commits that cardinal sin. Because I don’t care how lame it sounds (marketing exes, pay attention) stop throwing my orders into lame brown boxes without so much as a piece of tissue paper. See below, you’ll understand why I’ll be ordering from Sandro again.


That’s tissue paper, a velum thank you card, AND an envelope with my order information. Little touches…

Disclaimer: I’m not Rachel Zoe and while she might swear she never takes free stuff in exchange for a review, I have zero qualms about it. I did indeed receive my skirt from Sandro free of charge on the condition that I would look through the site and provide my feedback as a consumer (and lord knows I shop a lot!) I did not, however, promise a blog post, that’s just an added bonus for my being truly and honestly impressed with the site. Seriously, you guys went above and beyond my expectations. Keep up the amazing work!! xoxo B.E.




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