Aerial Vinyasa

May 1, 2013
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On my recent trip to New York City I was determined to squeeze in at least one yoga class since I would be missing two out of my normal 3x/week classes.  Because NYC is the land of all things painfully cool and bleeding edge I wanted to try a class I wouldn’t have access to back in Buffalo, magically the seed of an aerial vinyasa class was born (think yoga plus cirque du soleil).

I scoured the Internets and decided that Om Yoga Factory would be the studio of choice for the class. It was close to where we were staying and the class was $20, decent by NYC yoga standards. I watched all the youtube videos, read all the testimonials I could find, and assured myself this would be THE coolest thing ever. (Spoiler alert: cool did not follow)

I desperately wanted to love aerial vinyasa. I wanted to love the feeling of flying upside down. I wanted to magically hold warrior III for hours on end supported by the silks. I wanted to cocoon myself in the hammock during shavasana. None of this happened–and I can’t blame it on anyone but my weak tummy. I get car sick and plane sick and train sick and boat sick and if it were physically possible to get nauseous from standing still I would probably develop that ailment as well.

Granted I had several factors already working against me walking into the studio (migraine induced tummy ache, eating right before class, and taking a cab to class) but yoga is supposed to be soothing, I WOULD work through it! And I DID…right up until the “OM” stopped vibrating off the walls and the instructor told us to pull ourselves up to stand in the hammock. Then I noticed the swaying. “Ohhhh this feels spicy,” the adorable instructor called out as we lowered and pulled ourselves up 3 more times. “No,” I thought “spicy is what’s rolling around in my guts right now threatening to come back up”

I’ll spare the rest, it wasn’t pretty. I didn’t even dare curl up in the silk hammock for shavasana, I just laid on the safety of my immobile mat alternating between hot and cold sweats, wondering when the last time those hammocks were even washed (ew).

As we bowed namaste I turned to my friend who had been such a trooper taking his first EVER yoga class and quietly said “I’ll be right back, I need to puke” then ran to the bathroom and did just that.

If you find yourself in NYC (and have a stomach stronger than 1 ply toilet tissue) I really do recommend trying the class. I’ve been doing normal (read: ground based) vinyasa flow for two years now and I used arm/shoulder muscles in the aerial class I never used before.

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