There’s a New Yoga Pant In Town

May 10, 2013

If you’re a Lululemon faithful shopper you may have noticed that their product quality has gone down hill over the past year. When I started yoga I bought 3 pairs of crop pants and have been wearing/washing those same pants for 2 years now without a problem. The problem, unfortunately, came when I wanted to buy more! If you don’t live under a rock you’re aware of the sheer yoga pants scandal but worse still is the pilling fabric and bad design (hello camel toe!) that the new pants all have.

While browsing luluaddict, a must read blog for the Lululemon enthusiast , I noticed a 50% off coupon for Yogasmoga, apparently I wasn’t the only one fed up withe Lulu’s crappy quality.  I perused the Yogasmoga website and was impressed, while the company doesn’t have retail stores yet they have received a lot of praise and seem to be really focusing not just on selling yoga pants but giving back to the community that helps make those pants, too! (that’s a big deal after what we just saw in Bangladesh)

So with 50% off I bought a pair of Run Jump ‘N Play Crop pants (normally $88). With free (yay!) 3 day shipping I paid $38. I pnotelaced the order 5/6 and the pants came in the mail 5/9–SO EXCITED!

I’ve purchased TONS of things from lulu so I’m used to the drill. Open the box, clothes are thrown in little to no care (and you get ANOTHER free bag, goody). This was not the case with Yogasmoga. To me, it’s the little things that count, little things like a handwritten thank you note accompanying my order.

I only got to try the pants on real quick before I had to run to work this morning but the fit seems great and I’ll put them to the test tomorrow morning during a vinyasa flow class. My only complaint? I wish I had ordered more! I can’t wait for more styles to come out! I didn’t order a tank because they seemed on the short side. I like my tanks long so I don’t have to worry about yanking them down during class.

Hopefully a further review of how the pants hold up during class and beyond will follow but for now, I may have found myself a new lemon 🙂

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