The End of My Knee Modeling Career

April 9, 2014
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Let it be known that I am not an athlete. I do not compete on the crucible of the turf nor any other test of strength yet I still managed to find myself in an orthopedic surgeon’s office hearing the dreaded words, “you’re most likely going to need surgery.”outlook india

The knee is a funny, knobby, sexy (to some) thing, but for me a major source of pain. At age 17 I dislocated my right patella (fancy talk for knee cap) and from there I was off to the hobbling races. Somehow I made it through college climbing the endless foothills of Appalachia, icing every so often if things got to softball sized. It was only when I turned the dreaded 25 and wanted to stave off the southern spread that I began to notice more problems. I never ran, neither treadmill nor pounding pavement, because of the knee, preferring to use lower impact elliptical machines instead. But I hated the endless purr of the machine and craved something else. I turned to yoga, which I adored…until POP…no, that didn’t feel right. Ok so no more yoga, how about Pilates?

Things were going great…until they weren’t, until I couldn’t walk in my beloved heels without fear of  tipping over. No matter how much strengthening of the muscles around the knee (a PT strategy used to avoid surgery) I was going no where fast. A serious discussion with the doctor, and an MRI, commenced.

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