Social Media Doesn’t Fit Every Business Model

July 27, 2010

Social media is a lot like leggings; they naturally look great on some people, others need to work hard to pull off the trend, and yet another group should steer clear at all costs. A quick Google search for social media and business returns 257,000,000 results, most titles declare social media and business to be […]


Journalism and the Internet

July 12, 2010

In truth, the Internet didn’t kill journalism, big business killed journalism, the Internet simply helped speed the flow of the poison. Nieman Reports, a print and online repository for all things journalism, made the case that news conglomerates actually struck the first blow.  Mega media monsters swallowed up local newspapers and television stations then reduced […]


Antkeg Remi!

July 8, 2010

Hello, world! The true purpose of this blog is for my Canisius College MBA e-marketingclass. But frankly, it’s about time I’ve carved out my own home on this wide open prairie.  Welcome, enjoy, and Antkeg Remi. Learn more about Antkeg Remi.