Links to Learning

Sometimes I come across articles or commentaries that are thought-provoking, but I feel that I just don’t have anything meaningful to add to the topic. Believe it or not, some writers can recognize when their words aren’t needed.

So instead of just reading, chuckling, and moving on, I’ll post my finds here. The main page will be reserved for analysis and discussion (and hopefully reader commentary and conversation, too). Maybe I’ll have something to say, maybe I won’t, but all the links are worth at least a skim.

Links might range from those about social media to blatant promotion of a friend’s work, or maybe mind-numbing scientific breakthroughs—because we should all work to be well rounded human beings, even if we don’t like the topic.

The Three-Step Guide to Getting More Traffic by Writing Less

We’ll start off our link learning with the granddaddy of all blogs about blog writing, Copyblogger.

I originally started this blog for an MBA class, so I’m not exactly fixated on increasing traffic or subscribers, but wouldn’t it be nice if that magically happened anyway? Jonathan Morrrow outlines three easy steps to getting more traffic, and they all hinge on writing less.